TIENS Group Wins " The Most Valuable National Brand" Award

Date:2018-11-17 Publisher:天獅集團

As one of the most influential Chinese language media associations in the world, The Chinese Language Press Institute hosted the 51st Annual Meeting in the Great Hall of People in Beijing On Oct. 29th, 2018. The 64 news media agencies from 17 countries and regions attended this annual event. The Chinese Language Press Institute awarded TIENS Group the “The Most Valuable National Brand” to recognize TIENS’ achievements in poverty alleviation, philanthropy, innovation and the contribution in the brand building for China in globalization. Liu Zhengrong, Vice President of Xinhua News Agency delivered the speech and pointed out that the Brands should tell good stories of China, volume up the stories of China and to amplify the Brand of China to be heard around world.


The Chairman of TIENS Group Li Jinyuan expressed this is honor and gratitude to receive this recognition for TIENS’ 24 years dedication in Branding China After the ceremony. Li said that TIENS keeps origin from the beginning in participating the philanthropy activities in China and around the world. “Innovation is the DNA of TIENS. Disruptive innovation is key for existence in competitive markets. It makes us stronger.” Li indicated that TIENS view is the global view and the way of think is as is. Li also pointed out that TIENS follows the life circling principle, strive, love and righteousness are invaluable, and create the future together as one heart. Li said that he focuses on all good and positive investment for the society and he makes sure to put the projects as his priority list.

\Mr. Li Jinyuan Chairman of Board of Directors of TIENS Group

TIENS Group has 110 branches across the globe to directly serve the local markets. In adapting the “Belt and Road Initiative”, most of the TIENS’ branches have fell in the countries along the “Belt and Road” decades ago. TIENS brand China with its premium products, positive company culture and systematic management acquires a reputation in building the positive image of Chinese private enterprises, and obtains recognition in the global market.

Xinhua News Agency announced the cooperation with The Chinese Language Press Institute to launch the National Brand Project in June 2017. Gathering significant media resources and professional think tank globally, Xinhua News Agency offers quality services to the enrolled national enterprises. More than 30 companies have been enrolled the National Brand Project, and TIENS is the number 17 in this order of enrollment. All the selected corporations are the top lead in every industries, and most of the corporates are the ranks of the world's top 500 and China's top 500 companies.


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