TIENS Group Chairman Li Jinyuan Visits Ahfad University for Women in Sudan

Date:2018-11-23 Publisher:天獅集團

At the invitation of Ahfad University for Women, TIENS Chairman, Li Jinyuan, visited the University’s President, Professor Gasim Yusuf Babiker Badri, on the morning of November 12. President Gasim Yusuf and the senior officials of the school warmly welcomed the arrival of Chairman Li Jinyuan. President Gasim Yusuf said that educating the next generation is a cause. He admires the globalization and vision of TIENS Group in terms of education. He has deep expectations for deepening the interaction and cultural exchanges with China's higher education and has high hopes for the future. The two schools can actively establish interaction and collaboration, and establish a beautiful vision and more influential, long-term development for cultural exchanges between the two countries.


During the meeting, President Gasim Yusuf gave an in-depth introduction to the basic situation and development of Ahfad University for Women to Chairman Li Jinyuan. Since its establishment in 1966, Ahfad University for Women has always adhered to the philosophy of running an elite educational institution and has cultivated many female elites with high influence in politics and business. The school's graduates are widely distributed in various provinces and states in Sudan, using their knowledge and skills to make positive contributions to Sudan in eradicating poverty, improving the people's health, and promoting economic and social development.

After listening to the introduction of President Gasim Yusuf, Li Jinyuan gave an in-depth explanation of TIENS Group's globalization development, as well as the history and future development of Tianyuan University. Li Jinyuan pointed out that the original intention of Tianyuan University was to contribute to society and have a fearless determination and create the best environment for the education of the next generation. Tianyuan University is a university that is open to the global higher education system. Since its establishment, the university has always adhered to the concept of diversified education. At present, it has collaborated with over 20 well-known European and American institutions and invited many internationally renowned scholars to serve as Honorary Deans and Professors. With the implementation of the Group's “one body, multiple wings” strategic development plan, Tianyuan University plans to open related majors and courses around the “one body, multiple wings” strategy to achieve interdisciplinary and diversified educational integration.


After listening to the complete introduction of Tianyuan University by Chairman Li Jinyuan, President Gasim Yusuf said that he was deeply educated and deeply touched by the kindness of Chairman Li Jinyuan in his endeavors to develop education and serve society. President Gasim Yusuf expressed his hope that the two sides will accelerate the project collaboration process after the meeting. The school is convinced that TIENS Group and Chairman Li Jinyuan, as leaders in the big health industry and outstanding business elites, will have many successful cases and experiences to share with the women's university. At the same time, the business school, medical school and pharmacy school of Ahfad University for Women should make full use of the collaboration platform to collaborate on key projects.

Chairman Li Jinyuan invited President Gasim Yusuf to serve as an education consultant for Tianyuan University and cordially invited him to lead a delegation to visit Tianyuan University to deepen exchanges and collaboration between the two universities.

Subsequently, Chairman Li Jinyuan and President Gasim Yusuf jointly signed a memorandum of understanding on educational collaboration between the two universities, and together watched the performances of the women's university teachers and students.


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