TIENS Group Chairman Li Jinyuan paid a visit to the University of Johannesburg

Date:2018-11-12 Publisher:Tiens

Chairman of Tiens Group and Tianyuan University Li Jinyuan paid a visit to the University of Johannesburg, the largest university in South Africa for bilateral exchange of academics. The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg Tshilidzi Marwala led senior executives to warmly welcome Chairman Li and his delegation for this courtesy call. Founded on the mutual experience in the education sector over decades, both Vice-Chancellor Marwala and Chairman Li reached consensus immediately in international students program and several in-depth cooperation intentions to deepen the relationship between the two universities. Marwala was invited to Tianyuan University by Chairman Li, and the Vice-Chancellor said he will arrange the most suitable time for a return visit next year.

\Chairman LiJinyuan presenting the plaque of Tianyuan University to Vice-Chancellor Marwala

Chairman Li expressed that his aim of starting Tianyuan University is to make a contribution to society. Li said this is the only business that he has invested in with the aim of completely giving young generations a better education environment. Li told the top leaders of the University of Johannesburg that he was experiencing most difficult times and it almost affected the support he was giving the university, but Li said he never withdrew his promise – on the contrary, Li mobilized all the revenue he could from overseas to continue the construction. “ I always keep my promise”, Chairman Li said.

The Vice-Chancellor and the leaders of the University of Johannesburg stated their admiration and appreciation to Chairman Li’s dedication to education. Marwala declared his intention for a return visit to Chairman Li at his soonest availability, and the time will be next year.


Group photo of Mr.Li and Vice-Chancellor Marwala and other executives

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