Education of Tianyuan University

On July 22, 2015, with the resounding initiation of the first pile foundation in Tianyuan University construction project, the founder of this magnificent project solemnly declared to the world that starting from today and starting from here, the cutting-edge and modernized school running conditions will step into view of the people with a brand-new connotation for university.


Strategic Planning

Three Years Planning:

The university will realize the basic design and planning of the new campus within three years, and will complete the main buildings of this new and modern ecological campus to satisfy overall needs of career development. It will adhere to the goals for a modern ecological campus, select “five first-class” standards, including international first-class planning, domestic first-class single design, world-recognized first-class standards for the control and supervision of the design and construction, the first-class architecture agency with outstanding achievements for the construction.

Five Years Planning:

Within five years, the university will fundamentally form the new mode of applied technology development and social science service in the corresponding disciplines, achieve governmental support and “three-chain interaction” (application-oriented industrial chain, educational chain, and technological chain), and demonstrate social and economic benefits. 

Six Years Planning:

The university will fundamentally implement its university career development plan within 6 years. It will complete the “5050 Project”, with 50 undergraduate majors and 50 authorized master’s degrees. It will comprehensively complete a disciplinary system that is specialized according to the application type.

Ten Years Planning:

The university will formulate the scale and features of its multi-disciplinary development and talent cultivation within 10 years. Its social influence will increase significantly to meet the general requirements for teaching research universities. The school will join the ranks of “China First-Class Private Universities”.

Campus Environment

School of Science

School of Art and Design

Fengchao Stadium

School of Business

School of Medicine

School of Agriculture

Chongwen Pagoda

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